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​ Eye In The Corner Car System   World Exclusive Rights

The system to detect car in your blind spot mirror, which can installed in any used car. 
ManComMANd is the only one company holding the main Intellectual Property for the car system about the detection of objects/vehicles in mirror blind spot.
This system can be installed in brand new car by factory and/or in used cars (second market).
Our Intellectual Property is the first one in the World, despite some systems installed by factory.

​​"Eye In The Corner Car System" Youtube Video

​ ComMANd   World Exclusive Rights

The new system to modify automatic transmissions of old US cars like MUSTANG, to manual ones, is coming next. 
​September 2017.

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​ HotHelix   World Exclusive Rights

A system to warm windshield washer liquid.
Useful in winter as in summer. 




ManComMANd is going to launch a new system to detect car in your blind spot mirror, A system which can installed in any used car. 


The new video demo about our system to modify automatic transmission in manual one will be available in September 2017, showing its use on our AC COBRA 427...